Help preserve the historic site and fragile ecosystem on Fiddler’s Creek

Call to ACTION:

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Please join our fight at the next meeting as the developer’s environmental professionals continue to take questions from the public, followed by the developer’s engineering professionals. Thank you for your support!

The historic Hollystone Manor has been slated to be turned into a hotel with spa, gift shop, full-scale restaurant, and gym.

Hollystone Manor is a historic home in Hopewell Township. Built before 1819 by the man who founded Titusville, it represents Hopewell Township’s history. Surrounded by a many acres of fragile ecosystem in the restricted Mountain Conservation zoning district, the land hosts myriad species of flora and fauna.

The home’s new buyer wants to turn this historic and environmentally-important property into a private hotel, which will permanently alter the landscape and have a detrimental effect on rural western Hopewell Township.

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