One More Chance: Tell the Zoning Board NO to Commercial Development on Fiddlers Creek Road

Tuesday’s Zoning Board meeting was tense and difficult for members of the public who have unanswered questions about the recommendations of the Township’s hydrogeologist’s findings. His opinions differed significantly from ours, a former US Geological Survey hydrogeologist who testified about negative impacts on regional safe water supply and likely negative impact to Fiddler’s Creek.

The Township’s hydrogeologist also testified he was completely comfortable with the Zoning Board moving forward with granting the use variance from residential to commercial—even with so many unknowns at this stage, and even though the decision is predicated on these critical issues.


Due to their tense exchanges with objectors’ attorneys and with some members of the public, the Zoning Board chose to adjourn the meeting early and the public comment phase never began. Comments from the public can be heard at the next special meeting scheduled for Monday, July 24th.

We continue to need everyone’s help! Please feel as confident as we do that the opinions, thoughts, and insights of hundreds of people like you matter more than one out-of-town developer—one who wishes to overturn residential zoning to profit from the local resources protected by a decades-long commitment to the preservation of open space.

As an update, the Zoning Board clarified that they will allow four minutes for your public comment (previously limited to three minutes). So, between now and July 24th, put your thoughts together for a public comment, no matter where you live. If you love the sanctity and serenity of Baldpate Mountain and Fiddlers Creek Preserve, the Zoning Board needs to hear from you, the public!
Monday, July 24, 2023
7:00 pm

Meeting via Zoom; we’ll post the link as soon as we have it.
You’ll need working audio and video to be permitted to comment.

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