Don’t Take Your Signs Down. We’re Not Done!

No doubt you know that, with the exception of two members, Chair Eric Hatke and Keith Thedinga, the Zoning Board voted on Wednesday, August 3, 2023, to grant a variance from residential to commercial zoning to the Philadelphia developer who plans a hotel, restaurant, spa, speakeasy
(and who knows what else?) right next to Fiddlers Creek Preserve and Baldpate Mountain.

Check out this excellent summary published in “Mercer Me.” Other media outlets have published pieces slanted toward the developer and new projects coming to the Zoning Board. Just as we predicted, our concerns about setting a precedent for out-of-control development, a new project on the agenda for the upcoming September 6th meeting is from the owner of land within the Mountain Resource Conservation (MRC) district. The discussion will be whether a brewery at the intersection of Goat Hill and Valley Road can go forward with an application to the Zoning Board.

Please attend the meeting and KEEP YOUR SIGNS UP! As always, thank you for your energy, passion and action.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023
7:00 pm

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