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Hollystone Manor on Fiddlers Creek Road should never be used as a Commercial Enterprise.

On December 7, 2022, the Hopewell Township Zoning Board began to hear an application to turn the historic Hollystone Manor into an upscale hotel, with restaurant, gym, and pool. Hollystone is part of a highly sensitive, environmental area in the Mountain Resource District, a residential-only district designed to protect the endangered flora and fauna of the Fiddlers Creek and Ted Stile’s preserves, Bald Pate Mountain and neighbors’ properties. 

Sign below to tell Hopewell Township officials: I strongly oppose the approval of the application described above. It is not a permitted use in the Mountain Resource District and variances to allow it should not be granted.

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Carol SimmonsHopewell TownshipStop the hotel not needed in this township.
Sarah DickersonHopewell TownshipHopewell Township’s zoning regulations have helped prevent the destruction of wooded land and farms, making the valley what it is today. It is unacceptable to begin making exceptions for individuals to obtain commercial gains at the expense of the environment. Preservation of this land is central to Hopewell’s community values, and we need to uphold the zoning regulations that are in place to protect it.
Noel CapuanoOtherThere is no support for this project in the surrounding towns; more than likely it will fail and this beautiful historic property will have been destroyed for nothing, leaving the local wildlife with nowhere to go. Please do not grant this variance!
Allyn ArmoniaOther
Patricia DonohueHopewell Township
Ken GuilmartinHopewell Township
Morgan MahoneyOther
Robert LaRueOtherNo hotel. No commercial business. Stop allowing our rural towns to be destroyed. This is an on going problem that is getting worse. 

Stay in the city. Too many NON locals are tryin to turn our quant countryside into something we don’t want. These people destroyed there towns and cites and now their coming for us . No hotel. Fight this to the end
Bill NulmanHopewell Township100% against any commercial development of this fragile and historic site.  Nobody has the environmental right currently to develop a commercial establishment, and nobody has the moral right to tarnish this beautiful area in the interest of profits.
Patricia FinneganOtherI live in union area and travel to this area of nj alot to get away from crowds,  traffic etc.
Jenn MaehrerOtherIt is a beautiful property that should be in the hands of someone who appreciates the home and it’s history, not someone who wants to destroy it! Instead of buying historical properties to build on, people should start remodeling the abandoned businesses that are already standing. Stop the hotel!
Jonathan ChesterHopewell TownshipStop this hotel.
Kevin GuthrieOther
Oscar TannOtherWe are losing too many historic sites and open spaces in nj to urban development enough is enough.
yvonne adkinsOtheras a neighbor on the PA side of the river I am supporting you in your fight to preserve your neighborhood
Jan VaranOther
Sean EveOtherHopewell has made great efforts to preserve open space. This hotel shamelessly looks to take advantage of the time , effort and commitment to the future those efforts represent by creating a commercial venture in the middle of a historical and natural environment of regional significance. For shame. There is plenty of commercial property available for development in New Jersey. This should remain residential.
Scott LearHopewell Township
Mimi NowakOtherWe cannot destroy HISTORY for profit.  I live in the Hillsborough Mountain Residential area. This land is too precious, and the History of this building must be preserved.
Linda SinchakHopewell TownshipPlease stop turning every inch of land into monstrous developments especially down here in the southern part of the township.  When will enough be enough?
Kathy GaffneyPennington or Hopewell Borough
Carol WestonHopewell Township
Lillian BaxterHopewell TownshipWalking through  that place is so beautiful 

Save the land from commercial  being destroyed. 08534
Kristen HOtherStop building! Leave the land as it is. We don’t need anymore new construction or traffic. Let the animals stay in their home, they were here first.
Linda ArcamoneOther
Mary GrahamHopewell TownshipPlease have consideration for those that moved here for open space and limited commercial zoning in residential areas. residents have been paying taxes for years should have more say than a developer who doesn’t have a tie to the community
jennifer HauckOther
Daniel TraeglerOtherStop building over endangered and preserves !!!!
Amanda RussoOtherPlease stop building over…!

Hollystone is highly sensitive, environmental area in the Mountain Resource District, a residential-only district designed to protect the endangered flora and fauna of the Fiddlers Creek and Ted Stile’s preserves,

Stop building over endangered and preserves !!!!
Stefani StauffacherHopewell Township
Susan HornbergerOtherI strongly oppose the approval of the application described above. It should stay a preserve for endangered species and wildlife as it was originally intended. A hotel will bring too much traffic. Save the wildlife and the beauty of nature!
Heather StauffacherOtherplease stop the hotel!
Steven HornbergerOtherI visit Baldpate Mountain 50 or more times a year. A hotel would destroy this natural preserve and the quaint and rustic neighborhoods in the area
Karen DamatoHopewell TownshipGranting permission for commercial use would affect this whole area for the worse for decades; it would open a door that can’t be closed. Any applicant tries to put the best face possible on his or her plans.  But the variance is what really matters, allowing a variety of possible uses by this owner down the road or by subsequent owners.  The board should just say no to any use variance.
Shirah GrayOtherIt is inconceivable that hopewell would allow this garish concept so close to Bald pate mountain, what the tornado didn’t destroy last yr: this project will! Please reconsider! The Garden state is rapidly

Losing its gardens. The areas around Princeton have become so ugly & generica – built up with strip malls, Don’t let this happen to Hopewell: there is enough tourism to this area that you can protect what’s left of the pastoral parts do not let Hollystone become like the hideous Rte 1 corridor. Protect Fiddler’s creek & Bald Pate!
Brian TuckerOther
Mary LongobariOtherThis is a beautiful and environmentally diverse area for wildlife, plants, etc and must be protected from such over development.  There must be a better way to then to put up this hotel, once the land is altered and wildlife displaced we could lose all this beauty forever.  NO HOTEL!
Taylor AllenOther
Carol PollockHopewell TownshipA spa, hotel, or whatever these people choose to call their project, should not be smack in the middle of a beautiful, residential neighborhood.  It’s bad enough they are building 1700 units off of Scotch Road, now this?  No!
Tim RobertoOther
lisa yonnoHopewell TownshipThis latest proposal fits in with what appears to be a long-term goal of emulating more urban municipalities with respect to allowing for commercial and urban development of open space, woodland and farmland.  This township has seen a number of development projects rubber stamped to the detriment of the landscape and likely to ground water quality. Each development project has long reaching impact on the quality of life for residents, many of whom value highly the natural open spaces this township once offered but is now actively destroying. 

This proposed hotel will add to the expected spike in traffic from nearby new housing developments.  The influx of visitors will further burden our delicate aquifer and surrounding environment and contribute to future needs for staff increases of law enforcement/emergency services as well as the possible expansion of township offices and the demand for new amenities. Increased traffic will contribute to run off contamination through rubber tire debris, engine oil or fuel leaks, lowered air quality from exhaust fumes plus increased animal strikes.  A developed site typically uses herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers all of which pose a runoff risk to nearby ground water and populations of native and migratory species as well as health risks to humans and pets- even those pesticides promoted as natural are lethal to non-target insect species and potentially lethal to birds and mammals.  The increase in sound and light pollution adversely affects native and migratory species as well as the quality of life for nearby residents.  

Allowing this site to be turned into another business venture is not progress and risks the natural landscape at a time when every inch of open space is critically precious  For the Twp to alter site zoning in order to green light this proposed hotel would be egregious and very telling about the local government’s future plans for our area
Joan MyersOthersave Holly Stone Manor and the that goes with that manor.
Patricia DorioHopewell Township
Curtis ScottHopewell Township
Jorge GuerreroPennington or Hopewell Borough
Illona McSparinOther
Jane LeeHopewell TownshipI am most concerned that the permitted use (commercial), if granted, would live on in perpetuity beyond the current applicant.
Marc BifanoOther
Carol and Philip CarlsonHopewell TownshipOver the years, many people in the township fought long and hard to have this area protected from development, a movement led by the late Ted Stiles, a biology professor at Rutgers for 35 years and expert in migratory birds who was our good friend and neighbor. At his death, he was praised as “an absolute giant when it comes to open space preservation,” by Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes. The protections he and his supporters achieved for the area were supposed to be permanently built into the law. This variance would completely ignore those protections to the detriment of the fragile environment in that area. We own and run the Carlson Christmas Tree Farm on New Road, which is 20 acres in a zone of the township that restricts development to 14 acres. I’m certain that if we tried to get a variance to subdivide our property, it would not be granted. This variance should not be granted either.
Marcy ShrageOtherEnough with this construction in our private communities  clean air open space
William KlunHopewell Township
J UrbanskiOtherStop the hotel!
Chris RobinsinOther
Steven OlsenOtherPlease don’t put up a hotel.
Beau YoungHopewell Township
karin peklakHopewell Township
Dorrie MyersOtherIt should stay a preserve for endangered species and wildlife as it was originally intended. Will bring too much traffic and then next the roads will need to be expanded. Why must every bit of land always turn commercial? Save the wildlife and the beauty of nature.
Stephanie MitterkoOther
Carol KellyPennington or Hopewell Borough
Jarad OgdenOther
Caren BrunsPennington or Hopewell BoroughPlease preserve our beautiful area.
Ethan RussellHopewell Townshipprotecting  the fragile ecosystem of our planet is the most important task we have as a species
Brian E TuckerOtherThis land should be preserved for the benefit of our local community here in NJ. The proposed development would not protect the public access afforded to us now into this preserve.  Our area continues to lose valuable open space to redevelopment. Protect the beauty of our region, our Delaware watershed and Sourland Mountain area.
Mary FosterHopewell TownshipThe only one that is benefiting from this hotel is the developer.  Coming from out of state and trying to make money at the expense of local residents and the quality of life we all love in this township.
David SmithersPennington or Hopewell Borough
Ken PaulHopewell Township
Barbara RigersOtherPlease find a way to maintain this important habitat and prevent the additional destruction of our natural resources. Oppose this application.  Thank you.
Andrew RdesinskiOther
Ross HeutmakerHopewell Township
David SweeneyOtherThis is outrageous.  The traffic would ruin the eco system. This road is hard to maintain with the normal traffic, let alone an increase by 50%.   Have a true study of the effects before approving this.
Elzbieta SchoellkopfHopewell TownshipI support land, trees and natural landscapes  preservation .
Carol StaatsHopewell TownshipNo hotel wanted or needed!  Beautiful area do not depreciate our mountainous landscape and countryside by bringing commercialization.  STOP!!!
Charles StaatsHopewell TownshipThis area of Township has been preserved and zoning SHOULD NOT be changed.  Fiddlers Creek area is no place for commercial development.
Kathy EastonOther
Jodie OttilieOther
Kathleen AdamsOtherLive in West Amwell on the border of Hopewell, Rt 29 doesn’t need more traffic and what purpose does a hotel serve next to nature preserve???
Christopher PlummerOtherI live in Washington Crossing, PA and frequently bird and bike at Bald Pate and Fiddler’s Creek. Does the area need yet another “destination” hotel? Go to New Hope or Lambertville please.

I attended one of the Hopewell sessions and was appalled at how the developer has tried to “greenwash” what would be a major disruption to the area and cause permanent damage to a rare pristine ecological park, while at the same time completely disregarding the nature of the area in the traffic study, which was based on a one hour window of Saturday afternoon. Probably the least traffic at the site during daylight hours! Try early in the morning, on a workday/school day during Spring Warbler season!

The architect tried to weasel around questions about AC systems and external modifications that would clearly be required, misunderstood a question about the impact of night light on birds, and nobody even asked how the sewer and septic would be impacted by another 20 or so toilets.

There is no way that even a “small” hotel and “small” restaurant could operate at this location without a severe detrimental impact on the traffic on both Route 29 and Fiddler’s Creek Road, affecting both the humans who live and travel on it, and the animals that cross from one side to the other.

Please disallow any zoning change on this property.
Maura McnamaraHopewell Township
Deborah VariOtherOther than the fact that this is not needed ….there will be irreparable damage to the natural environment with the added traffic-both vehicles and people. This area needs to be preserved and the habitat of plants and wildlife respected.
Samantha McQueenHopewell Township
Cathy FortenbaughHopewell TownshipFully support stopping the hotel. Once gone we will never be able to protect that fragile ecosystem.
Patricia McQueenOther
Chad McQueenOther
Glenn McQueenOtherThe history flora and wildlife in this area need to be protected
Amy EdwardsOtherHopewell township and the areas nearby have not considered the impact of all of the new housing/commercial building in our area.   Traffic has increased because the roads have not expanded, leading to more accidents. No improvement or expansion of the school systems. And nature is being removed by default. We do not need another hotel in the area.
Cynthia GoldsmithHopewell TownshipI am a professional Historic Preservation Specialist and in my opinion, this proposed project is destructive to cultural and environmental resources, and is totally out of scale from a design and environmental point of view.
Robin FogelHopewell Township
Steve BalesOtherI live in the Sourlands (Hillsborough) and feel the same about the woods in my own back yard as I do about Fiddlers Creek Preserve!
Johnny LeungPennington or Hopewell BoroughI recently moved to Pennington from NYC and me and my family love every bit of Hopewell and it’s nature and preservation in historical buildings. Even if there is any business driven variance, they must show charitable benefit to the community instead of destroying the nature and bringing in what their big proposals in turning the residence into a cash cow. Hopewell is a beautiful town where I see many residents love their nature surroundings and know when and what type of birds migration begins and locate. I feel like it is part of my new duty to keep this place in its natural state without over population and pollution from human beings.
Dana ChinOtherI am an avid user of the preserve. This development is too large and too close to the preserve. The area is already fragile and cannot tolerate such a development.
Veena JuroshekPennington or Hopewell Borough
Charles DempseyHopewell TownshipChanging zoning in such a rural area should never be allowed.  The committee is so strict on the residents of Hopewell Township.  How could they even consider a 27 room hotel and a restaurant without city sewer.
Katja LewisPennington or Hopewell Borough
Patricia SziberHopewell TownshipI am extremely concerned about the obvious lack of priority given to the very special natural features of the Hollystone property by these aggressive developers, and I will do whatever I can to help stop their intrusion.
Loreen RahnHopewell Township
Kristy CooperHopewell Township
John KlingOtherI lived in Titusville for years and was Music Director at Titusville Methodist.  The roads around that area are just too twisty.
KENNETH ALLENHopewell TownshipI have been watching what I once knew as a “rustic and bucolic” area turn into anything BUT! Those of us who have been here for -generations- are appalled.
Tania GindilisHopewell Township
Aaron EchternachtHopewell TownshipThere has been a lot of time and effort to preserve nature there. This hotel will do permanent damage. 

The residents do not want this
Nina GallettoPennington or Hopewell Borough
Renee SandvigOther
Sherry GreenspanOtherThis is not a place for a hotel.  It will disrupt the nature and ecosystems in a negative way and will be dangerous.  The safety study was poorly executed and therefore not reliable.
Lisa B SchwartzOther
Richard KlingHopewell Township
Sandy BastaHopewell Township
Matt KantnerHopewell Township
Joey PerilloOtherDoes EVERYTHING have to about making more money?
Gunilla EbersOtherI live in the general area (close by) and frequently drive down/up Fiddlers Creek Rd. One reason I moved here was the countryside. It’s important to preserve it for future generations and not exploit it for short term profits.
Luke McKeonOther
Albrecht KoppenhoferOtherI believe this development is going to be detrimental to the adjacent nature preserve that my family and many friends regularly visit to enjoy the nature which is already a bit in short supply in the area.
Heather KoppenhoferOtherWhile I am a resident of Lawrenceville, my family and I enjoy walking in the Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain.  Over the years we have observed the hard work that has gone into restoring the preserve.  I have a PhD from the department of Entomology and Nematology at the University of Florida.  It is in my opinion as a scientist that this proposal is detrimental to the fauna of the area.
Cindy KunnasOtherThe project will have a negative effect on the nearby Delaware River tributary.
Kathy DabanianOtherWith everything else being so over developed and I am glad the surrounding acres of this place are preserved. Keeping that in mind with the environmental impact this Hotel would have I am against it.
Jeanette KuehnHopewell TownshipNot appropriate for this area
Margaret PowersHopewell TownshipNot only will this be bad for the environment, but bad for the neighbors as well. My personal experience with Brickfarm Restaurant from septic issues to amplified music well into the evening hours has been an issue in a residential area. Not to mention that the zoning board than allowed a brewery and distillery on site. Luckily, ownership has changed and issues are being addressed.
julie yangHopewell TownshipI live very close to the brick farm which has been a negative impact to the neighborhood especially Environmentally. Their septic system failed multiple times (many times, this was reported to the owner and to the Watershed Institute) and finally getting looked at due to someone reporting this issue to the EPA.  Also, the light and the noise pollution is affecting the neighborhood. I don’t recommend this type of usage in the preserved land.
Lana BescriptOtherNo, no, no.  If this property cannot be maintained as a private residence, then big city investor needs to move on.  Leave the flora a fauna as they are.  Let’s not “pave paradise and put up a parking lot”.  I do not currently live in the area but grew up around there and am quite familiar with it and I see no purpose in ruining a piece of precious property only to try and make a profit.  There is no infrastructure in this area that would not eventually be impacted by this.  Neighbors who have lived there and have enjoyed the privacy and quiet, deserve it still.  On behalf of the wildlife that depends on this area as their homes, please stop before it’s too late.
Perry MilouOtherMy father in law Dr. Angelo  Mastrosimone lives on Fiddlers Creek road , He has lived there over 40 years 

You will not be building a hotel on this site !
Judith RobinsonPennington or Hopewell BoroughThis is a destructive use of this property that abuts a sensitive protected area. Stay with the stated zoning and refuse to grant a variance to this developer who is falsely minimizing the environmental impact of her proposed plan.
Gary ColemanHopewell TownshipI am against any zoning variances to this property.
Jenna JacksonHopewell TownshipNot for it!  Hopewell is getting overcrowded & overbuilt.  Preserve Hopewell, Pennington & Titusville’s natural and historic community.
Marchella CariolaOtherI grew up on Fiddlers Creek and I am greatly concerned about ANY increased traffic on the this quiet and peaceful road.  The residents  DO NOT want this and their opinions should be valued.
George VurgasonHopewell TownshipThis project will generate too much traffic. My horses are boarded on Fiddler’s Creek. This project will create too much traffic on a road that is winding and narrow.
Tim StanekHopewell TownshipPlease preserve the natural beauty and ecological stability of the Baldpate Mountain/Fiddlers Creek Preserve area; do not approve the variances required for establishment of a hotel. The variances necessary for creation of this hotel and its associated spa and restaurant directly contradict the intent of the Mountain Resource District zoning.  The impact of such a resource-intensive property immediately adjacent to an ecologically sensitive area at Fiddlers Creek Preserve and Fiddlers Creek itself mandates rejection by the township.

I have been hiking and riding through Baldpate Mountain and Washington Crossing State Park for over 15 years.  The peace and tranquility of the area have always been highlights for me.  Please do not disturb this conserved region of New Jersey with a hotel.  Let visitors enjoy the undisturbed public lands and parks as they are.
Brian DongaroOtherThis is atrocious. But, makes sense because the mayor and the deputy’s stirs children don’t even go to Hopewell and they do not care about the town.
KAM STONEPennington or Hopewell BoroughOne of the reasons why we moved to Hopewell Township was the vast spaces and quiet surrounding’s. If this pressure from mercantile government continues we will have no choice, but leave Hopewell township. Please, start doing something for us!
Lucy HollarPennington or Hopewell BoroughThe sourlands are precious and not to be tampered with for mediocre profit and a business that serves no one in the community.
Patrick RichichiPennington or Hopewell Borough
Susan KeplerOtherThis would be so detrimental to the environment! Too many people adding to pollution both air and noise. This is a very important historical site that should not be used for a hotel!
JM RotoloOtherI live on the border of hopewell township. I spend most of my time there enjoying the beautiful area trails, nature etc and shopping in the township.  There is enough traffic and commercial property in the township.  It will effect surrounding towns negatively as well. Save nature….STOP THE GREED.
Gavin HooverOtherI came for a day project and was stunned by the beautiful scenery and nature. I want to help preserve the area and all its beauty.
Kathleen LongOtherThis venture adds no value to the ecology or the people that reside here, it only takes at their expense.
Mary HarrisonOtherThis peaceful residential area is a  safe and secure area for so much wildlife and should remain as. Hopewell and Pennington are already overdeveloped. Please do not let an unwelcome, unwanted and unnecessary hotel ruin it.
David GalliHopewell TownshipBusiness is a dynamic venture. Who knows what this could morph into. An outside developer catering to an out-of-town clientele….  I don’t like it. My family first moved into Hopewell Township in 1929. I don’t recognize it anymore. Some call it progress. I don’t.
Marilyn OrlandHopewell Township
Robin MasudaOther
Tom RileyOther“Pave paradise and put up a parking lot” Why?
Eric GuckinOtherLet’s preserve this beautiful property. Progress isn’t always progressive.
Hannah SuthersHopewell TownshipA variance in this Mountain Resource District allowing an upscale Boutique Hotel should not be granted. Increased roadkill at the vernal pools, outdoor light pollution, sweeping headlights, wastewater in the creek, runoff from any pesticide control of ticks and mosquitoes, and disturbance by increased hikers would devastate sensitive wildlife on Fiddler’s Creek Preserve and adjacent Baldpate. 

I was a volunteer on the original biological survey team with Ted Stiles to gather fauna and flora data for the purchase of Baldpate, and I continue to volunteer with the Birds in Forested Landscapes project. I can assure you that data show this area to have the largest assemblage of migratory and breeding Neotropical birds in central New Jersey (Magee). The Hollystone and Fiddler’s Creek area is a precious resource for threatened fauna and flora and must not be disturbed by the likes of the proposed Hopewell House.
Laura La CrossOtherPreserve Hollystone Manor

I grew up in Hopewell Township.  I visit my dad, who’s lived there for 62 years, frequently.  The best part of Hopewell Twp it’s historical background and how uncrowded it is.
Kathy BaileyOtherPlease preserve the wildlife and natural habitats !!!
Ian HodgeHopewell TownshipThis project can not happen! Do not let them destroy more nature!
Anthony GentileOtherI grew up right down the street from there and it’s such a beautiful area. Hate the idea of some money hungry developer destroying it. Let alone desecrating a historic building like that.
Nancy CavalloHopewell TownshipThe proposed use is inconsistent with uses allowed in the area. The additional traffic will contribute to the high level of traffic on route 29. This is a residential area that should stay that way. No variances allowed.
Debbie FurnessOtherPlease preserve the wonderful natural beauty.
Carol KondrachHopewell Township1- The proposed use does not fit in with the rest of the area 

2- This is not an inclusive use of this space and will not serve the entire community

3-  Why would anyone want a parking lot for 90+ cars  on Fiddlers Creek road?
Holly FayPennington or Hopewell BoroughWho will this serve?
Barbara WhitePennington or Hopewell BoroughWe need to prioritize the environment and animals’ habitats, not destroy them with unneeded and decadent high-end businesses that will bring disruption and noise. One must wonder why such an outlandish and out-of-place proposal is even being considered.
A. J.Hopewell TownshipThis area is special and unique. For all of us who are lucky enough to call this place home, it is our relaxing, quiet, dark and peaceful life retreat. Only an outsider would want to come here and ruin all of that.
Victoria StrongHopewell Township
Abby WeinsteinHopewell TownshipStop the over-development!
Elizabeth CosseanOtherPlease preserve our history
Victoria SparksOtherThe area is beautiful. Why destroy it?
Jesse NeumanHopewell TownshipThis is part of what makes our area so charming and wonderful—let people come to visit and hike; not consume and pollute with extended luxury hotel stays and idling suv’s …. Please do not allow the variance!
Brian HillOtherEnough is enough
Richard MilliganOtherI enjoy the Creek regularly.. it is a nice area with nativexx bc wildlife.  It’s not worth losing for another crummy hotel.
Wolfgang HulOtherI’ve been coming to the Fiddler’s Creek area for decades to hike, explore, walk my dogs and just be in a natural environment in central NJ. I frequently drive through this area on my way to Lambertville and New Hope even though it’s a longer trip because of the quiet natural beauty and wildlife. To see that threatened so that another out-of-state investor with deep pockets and no connection to the area can reap a profit is obscene! This should have been rejected immediately and never even given consideration. I hope the elected officials find their moral spine and do what’s right for the area and its residents.
Peggy BallmanOther
Susan PettiOtherI grew up in West Trenton and often visited a friend whose parents built a beautiful home on Fiddlers Creek Rd in the late 1960’s. Why would anyone want to change the rural benefits of this area as it was then and now? It was always a pleasure driving along the Delaware River  and exploring the vast green spaces along the way. Though I no longer live in the area, my wish would be for generations to come to enjoy Fiddlers Creek Rd as it is now and never become a commercial enterprise.
Michael GuzmanHopewell TownshipI strongly oppose the approval of the application described above. It is not a permitted use in the Mountain Resource District and variances to allow it should not be granted.
Melinda DeAugustinesHopewell Township
Tracie GuzmanHopewell TownshipWe strongly oppose the approval of the application described above.
Christiana HartHopewell TownshipMy husband and I moved to Titusville a little over a year ago. We chose our house because of the quiet parks and nature preserves nearby. There are plenty of towns in this area where a hotel is appropriate. Fiddler’s Creek is not that place. Please do not allow this large business to bring in so many people and affect the wildlife and natural areas that are so critical to life here.
Delaney MutschlerPennington or Hopewell Borough
Michael MendonezHopewell TownshipThis is a protected space that should be preserved from commercial traffic and ecological dangers.
Paula HoughtonHopewell Township
Patrick HoughtonHopewell Township
Caroline LippincottHopewell TownshipPlease please please please don’t change the zoning area that covers 29 Fiddlers Creek Road. It’s the kind of decision that all over the world has been objected to in hopes of saving the planet.  Surely the members of the Hopewell Township bvoard are cogcnizant of these crises we live with.  Surely they do not wish to add to the global disasters by this shocking idea of re-zoning this area- frankly, out of greed. (What other reason could there be?)
Sarah GosselinHopewell Township
Sharie VerduHopewell TownshipAs a long term resident of the area nearby, I am in opposition to a variance on the zoning of this property. The proposed project, as I understand it from the recent article in the Hopewell Express, seems inappropriate for the neighborhood and for the parklands surrounding Hollystone Manor. While the developer says she wants  to connect people to the land, support conservation, and foster interest and passion for nature, the description of her plan sounds more like a place that will cater to luxury at the expense of the natural environment-a pool, a bar, a gym? 75 parking spaces?  A club? It seems more likely that these amenities will remove people from a natural experience while creating traffic, noise, light pollution and a negative impact on the surrounding preserved lands as well as the flora and fauna meant to be protected. I am also concerned that all the “plans” she presents to the Zoning board may be changed once the hotel takes shape. I have seen this happen time and time again when development is proposed, everything is made to sound quite positive and desirable but the end product turns into something  quite  different from how it was presented. 

A  Bed and Breakfast type establishment might  be suitable and acceptable for that property  but not a luxury hotel facility, no matter how much “foraging and nature crafting” the guests might do. ( Is foraging  even appropriate in preserved lands?)
Clairelise BerryHopewell TownshipThe mercerme article made it clear that this is not a business that belongs here. The article was concerning as it seems like the clientele who the hotel is designed for is pretentious people who would clog the roadways, ruin the landscape, and not fully appreciate this beautiful community. New Hope and Lambertville are just a stones throw away and much more suited for the stress the hotel guests would cause on Hopewell’s resources and the surrounding community.
Teresa StimpfelOtherBaldpate or portions of it should never be developed as a hotel or other commercial enterprise. There is history, flora and fauna that would be damaged. Everyone’s use if this special park would be VERY VERY negatively impacted by such developments. Please preserve our special spaces.
Kevin BerryHopewell TownshipThe location is not zoned for a hotel for good reason. It’s a quiet country road and the number of parking spaces in the proposal indicates that traffic problems will be significantly exacerbated if the hotel is installed.
jennifer BranaghHopewell Township
Dr Beth WarrenPennington or Hopewell Borough
Kaela MooreOther
Vaughan GrundyHopewell Township


Carly FerraroPennington or Hopewell Borough
James GrundyHopewell Township
Jane HamillOtherI live in Delaware Township and hike the Reserve often. Hollystone has been the site of 5 different weddings of friends over the years- it gives the only affordable option of getting married within our beautiful local setting- these are all couples who love our local area and have decided to start families here. 

I strongly oppose the approval of the application described above. It is not a permitted use in the Mountain Resource District and variances to allow it should not be granted.
Marisa CariolaOtherI grew up on fiddlers creek road. It would be devastating to the community and local environment to allow this hotel.
Andrea HanleyHopewell TownshipThis sets the precedent that building more commercial building is okay
Angela MilouOtherNot all development is positive.  Preservation is the right decision.
Chris and Claudia FugesHopewell TownshipIf we’re counting correctly, these developers propose a variety of separate non-conforming commercial uses in a highly restricted residential zone: a 27 room hotel, a public restaurant, a public bar, outdoor drinking and dining areas, a 97 car parking lot, a public swim club, a public gym, a pubic coffee bar, a public yoga studio, a public spa, a gift shop, and we’ve lost count.  All in an area that we’ve been paying extra taxes for years to protect from such commercial development due to it being environmentally fragile.   If the Zoning Board wants to destroy the Master Plan along with the environment, approving this project would do that.  And although we don’t live anywhere near this project, we have to object to it because it would negatively effect the entire Township.

Developers trying to insert a commercial use in a residential zone all seem to use same argument, usually jobs and taxes.  But residential uses also create local jobs, just different types, such as daycare, grocery and retail stores, dry cleaners, etc. They also provide needed volunteer workers for various organizations.  Plus adding hotels, bars, restaurants, swim clubs, gyms, etc., can hurt the businesses of the existing ones and cause business and job loss.  As for any proposed added tax revenue, once ratables are equalized, the Township will pick up a bigger share of the school and County taxes.  The pittance that will be left for the Township will disappear when all the property owners who are negatively impacted, both residences and businesses, file tax appeals.  This is why the Master Plan carefully planned areas for different uses. 

In the past year, we’ve stayed at 5 hotels from here to Florida, so we can compare.  None of them had restaurants.  Eliminating this non-essential, and also non-conforming, unnecessary extra commercial use would also eliminate the outdoor dining and drinking areas and reduce the parking need.  All of them had pools but only for the use of hotel guests, not the general public.  Four had gyms but only for guests.  None had the proposed exterior recreation, dining, and drinking areas spread out all over the yards of their properties. Perhaps the developer doesn’t know that outdoor creatures, including the very fragile bird population, do eat crumbs and drink from glasses and spills.  We were shocked to see the intensity of this proposed development.  Basically, no hotel needs bars or restaurants and no hotel needs to open pools, gyms, or anything else, to the public.  Nor do they need to use their yards to create more environmentally harmful lighting and noise.  This appears to be greed operating at the expense of other Township businesses, and at the expense of a very fragile environment.  This entire project would not benefit Hopewell Township, would damage a fragile environment, violates the Master Plan, and it should be denied.  Hopewell Township does have commercial zones for bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms, etc.
Stephanie SpockHopewell Township
Garrett ChasarHopewell TownshipNo hotel in hopewell
James LeeHopewell Township
Sandra WallanderOther
Joanna ColemanPennington or Hopewell BoroughCommittee, please respect the thoughtful and sincere wishes of these residents and neighbors and do approve this proposal.
mollie slaninaOther
James TheodoreOtherI have a number of issues with this proposal however I’ll only list the one most egregious item here.  It is clear that the zoning here intentionally has a deep front yard setback to maintain the rural character of this area.  It would be unconscionable to allow this development to build a large parking lot in this intentional setback. A total lack of maintaining the character of the area‚Ķ..not a good fit and should be defeated. Not to mention the light pollution at night to light this parking lot in what would otherwise be a naturally dark area.
April JamesHopewell Townshipplease dont let this developement occur, it will have a negative impact on the environment and tranquility of this beautiful area
Jenine LansingOtherThe environmental impact of this project is absolutely devastating.  Please do not allow it to proceed.
Angelo MastrosimoneHopewell TownshipHotel will cause a very negative impact on a peaceful, rural, unique, one of a kind  historic areas of NJ. 

Fiddlers Cree, Titusville area was never designed or can it accommodate a hotel with 25-30 employees – includes full and part time personal, maintenance people etc. 

Shortest route to the proposed hotel from north and eastern NJ  is via route 579, Church Road and down Fiddlers Creek. 

Visitors, restaurant supply trucks, employees etc. increases traffic will beyond what the area can accommodates. Fiddlers Creek road is narrow and does NOT have a shoulder. A medium to large size truck causes a car coming Anyone walking, hiking or driving  living impact on the residents of Fiddlers Creek our families and children. 

Supply trucks delivering food, liquor, hotel supplies will use Fiddlers Creek as the shortest route to the hotel.  Increase in traffic by wide trucks, visitors, employees – 25-40 imposes and extreme danger to hikers, cyclists and residents. There is NO shoulder on Fiddlers Creek which makes matters even worse. Truck or large vehicle coming in the opposite direction must come to almost a complete stop – move to the edge of the culvert in order to allow the opposing vehicle to pass. Hikers and walkers on Fiddlers line up in single file close to the ditch to avoid being struck by vehicles. Our area should remain as it is, untouched, beautiful and peaceful. Any change with increase traffic poses a danger to the residents and our children.  No change is best – strongly oppose to hotel.
Jaime HallowellHopewell Township
Mariann FucaOtherOur open spaces, areas of natural beauty, and animal habitats are quickly disappearing.  Let’s help to preserve them while we still have the opportunity to do so.
IRENE NEWMANHopewell TownshipI protest this new action  that is proposed for a hotel,etc.
Marian LabosPennington or Hopewell BoroughI have grave concerns about the proposal in particular the second phase of this development proposal. I understand ‚Äúredevelopment‚Äù and ‚Äúrateables‚Äù. How will migrating animals be protected?  What will be done about the turtle population as more drivers come into this area?  How will light pollution be mitigated?  We are in a corridor for migrating birds, dragonflies and butterflies.  How will hikers be protected from drivers and from the development on the adjacent property that removes any semblance of remoteness. How will the proposed development protect ground water?  What happens if this variance isn’t granted‚Ķ.nothing. You have a property investor who took a gamble and it doesn’t work out. This investment would serve a very small elite population at the expense of the many creatures and plants and humans learning to co-exist with their environment.
Aurelle SproutOtherMy husband, James Hake, and I strongly urge you to keep this free of commercial enterprise! Give nature snd wildlife a chance!!!
Daniel ReedHopewell Township
Brad TaylorHopewell Township
Susan GlezmanHopewell TownshipPlease stop hotel
Edward TetelmanOtherFiddler’s Creek Road is not appropriate for a commercial hotel. Hopewell needs to maintain its open space and protect this area from large scale development.
Laurie BabickiHopewell TownshipWe live on Cedar Lane, one street over from This property. This is a residential area with no support infrastructure for water and septic – please do what is needed to stop this project. The aquifer will not be able to support 27 bathrooms and laundry. In addition we need to minimize stress to wildlife in this wonderful area – thank you.
Paul BabickiHopewell TownshipI am committed to stoping this plan. Count me in.
Thomas BrowneHopewell TownshipNot a commercial area
Marc CovitzOtherStop the building and development. I live in Ewing, off Federal City Rd and on the border of Hopewell. The building of the apartments on Federal City Rd sickens me and developing the Hollystone Manor will destroy the natural environment that the taxpayers have preserved in Baldpate Mohntain and the surrounding area.
Daric ApaiOtherEwing, impacted by this and the destruction of beautiful history and the environmental impact.
Jenifer BurghardtHopewell TownshipThe road is too small to accommodate more traffic than it already has.
Elen ChicarelliOtherWe live in New Hope but are familiar with Hopewell and love it.

Let’s preserve and respect what is left of our beautiful land.

Please do not approve this proposal.
Anastazja Panek-TobinHopewell TownshipWe need to be preserving this historic land and building.
Brent StrattonPennington or Hopewell BoroughA hotel is a completely unsuitable use of the Holystone property for all of the reasons mentioned in various articles. It should not happen.
gennie gehrkinOther
Arlene CeterskiOtherI strongly oppose the plan to turn the Hollystone Manor preserve into a hotel, restautant, etc. For environmental reasons we need to preserve open space and preserves for future generations. It is not a permitted use for this property. Although I am  not from your township , I consider NJ my state and overall there is too much commercial development. I enjoy driving and walking around the open preserves this State has. If your local area needs another hotel and retaurant are there not other vacant, already developed properties which can be used for this purpose? Mother Nature needs to protect  the open green space we have for the good of all of us.
Sarah MajorHopewell TownshipThe light pollution around the township is already rapidly increasing.

Let’s not light up Fiddlers Creek Rd,too.
Debra JacksonOther
Gabrielle BedorHopewell Township
Diane KramerHopewell Township
Steve ReenstraOtherPreserve our environment and history!
Lori AulettaOther
Olgs TashchukHopewell TownshipThis development should not be permitted as the additional traffic would adversely affect the nature preserves of Bald Pate Mt.  The area is environmentally sensitive which is the reason the preserves were established in the first place! The area needs preservation, NOT development!
Katherine E DresdnerHopewell TownshipWe need to protect the valuable habitat on Baldpate. The lots abutting the manor lot are managed for conservation. The application for a variance to build a spa on Baldpate is ridiculous. Baldpate is clearly zoned MRC. Vote to protect the natural beauty of Hopewell Township.
Cathy WeberOtherThis historic property should never be developed. I strongly oppose the approval of the application described above. It is not a permitted use in the Mountain Resource District and variances to allow it should not be granted.
Billie Jo TeesHopewell TownshipWe’ve lived here 20 years plus and are upset and angry at the over development. The cost for the environment, animals, people who love in the township is not acceptable.
Joan ArkuszewskiHopewell Township
Beth KimberOtherPlease preserve the history and open space here!
Dan RappoportOther
Chris ConstanceHopewell TownshipIt’s preserve area! Trafic, it shouldn’t even be considered in such a place.

Just horrible greed.
Torey KingHopewell Township
Shubhangi KhatuPennington or Hopewell BoroughPlease do not commercialize residential zones in our district. Increased traffic will not be good in this area. Meanwhile Hopewell still has to still build Affordable Housing and not incur a large fine.
Tom MillerOtherI strongly oppose the approval of the application described above. It is not a permitted use in the Mountain Resource District and variances to allow it should not be granted.  Let’s protect this treasured preserve, not exploit it!
Judith BlinickOther
Tiffany WillnerOtherWe hike there regularly specifically to view the wildlife.
Joy YavelowOtherI live near the border of Ewing and Hopewell Township, and so have a strong interest in the area this hotel would impact.  The natural wilderness is important to protect environmentally as well as for resident’s peace and tranquility.  Let’s not destroy the very thing that makes the area appealing!  No to the hotel!
Lynne OleskiHopewell Township
Alice MacnowOtherI believe that the crisis of birds and other wildlife going extinct is happening right here in Mercer county. Preserving areas such as Baldpate Mt and keeping out commercial buildings and cars will help our small corner of NJ. Please reject the proposed hotel. Thank you.
MaryEllen SmolarHopewell TownshipTotally against it.
Angelina DugganHopewell Township
Irina ShchemelevHopewell Township
Leona and George FluckOther
Roger HaightPennington or Hopewell BoroughI lived on Fiddlers Creek Road for 10 years and worked on the Hopewell Township Planning Board when the Mountain Conservation Districting was developed. This land use is totally inappropriate for the zoning, the road will not sustain the increased traffic, and variances should not be approved. There is no way that proposed variances in land use should be approved as better for the common good.  Hopewell Township Committee, Planning Board, and Mayor:  shame on all of you for even considering that this could be a good idea‚Äî it is a no-brainer. You have unilaterally brought on the massive development behind ShopRite as the solution to satisfy the affordable housing  pinch you were in. Why are you even considering this?
Janine NemitzHopewell TownshipIt is much more important to preserve the historic integrity of Hopewell Township than to use it for financial gain!
Karen LeonHopewell TownshipHollystone is part of a highly sensitive, environmental area in the Mountain Resource District, a residential-only district designed to protect the endangered flora and fauna of the Fiddlers Creek and Ted Stile’s preserves, Bald Pate Mountain and neighbors’ properties.
Jonathan NanceHopewell TownshipThere is back room dealings going on. Stop this hotel.
Sue DupreHopewell TownshipI urge the Zoning Board to deny the variances requested for the Holystone Manor project.  Commenters on this petition have made an overwhelming case against granting the variances, including the following comments:

1) It is not fair to grant variances in this case when multi-generational Pleasant Valley farm families are not allowed to subdivide their properties due to the environmental sensitivity of the Mountain Resource Conservation District (Rukenstine).

2) The land in the vicinity of Hollystone is ecologically fragile and, more than 20 years of species documentation support efforts to limit development there. The proposed changes are extremely inappropriate for land that is recognized as central New Jersey’s most important ecological treasure. (Sziber)

3) See the lengthy comments submitted by Fairfax Hutter.

4) See the highly detailed and pertinent argument made by the Washington Crossing Audubon Society at

5) One of the commenters made a comment about entertainment-related noise in residential areas and cited Hopewell Valley Vineyards.  I note that I live on Woosamonsa Rd and also can easily hear the bands playing at HVV.

Our opposition to the variances is not a Not-In-My-BackYard response. Our objections are well-founded, well-argued, and cover a wide array of relevant and essential issues. The case against the variances is so strong that a decision should be made immediately. Please deny the variances ASAP.
Mary WagnerPennington or Hopewell BoroughStop rezoning and granting variances for more development and start thinking about the future of the planet for our children.
Alexandra RadbilOtherBeautiful landscapes, critical habitat, spiritual sanctuary are what makes this area special. Development of the sort outlined in the proposal will jeopardize all of this. An event destination is antithetical to the spirit of this special and unique place. Please protect it.
Joanne PannoneOtherThis is inappropriate development for this parcel.  The conservation easement needs to be honored to preserve wildlife and environment.
Alicia LambertHopewell TownshipStop the overbuilding!  How does this benefit the community?
Susan MuncieHopewell TownshipThis is so unnecessary, why is this even being considered?  Our Township Committee and Zoning Board are experts at rezoning environmentally sensitive areas and destroying fragile ecosystems.  Please stop.
Tracy ZarodnanskyHopewell Township
Valerie TucciOtherNJ Land Use Law, specifically The Medici v. BPR Co. case, states that  a variance application for a commercial use does not inherently serve the public good as is required for a variance to be issued.  Instead the applicant must prove, and the board must specifically find, that the use promotes the general welfare because the proposed site is particularly suitable for the proposed use.  This is not the case for this site since there are numerous other sites that could better be used for a commercial hotel.  The only general welfare that this application creates is revenue for the property owner.  The negative factors – traffic, ecology, property value, etc. definitely outweigh any positive factors and a variance grant could easily be challenged in Mercer County Court.
judy olukotunHopewell TownshipThe environmental impact will be too significant for the protected area around. it. I can understand the desire, but , sorry not the best place at all.
Lucas SmithHopewell Township
Ann ChristensenOther
Janneke VanderreePennington or Hopewell Borough
Benjamin LovvollOtherI frequently visit Hopewell and the Fiddlers Creek area. I strongly believe that this development would be far more harmful than beneficial.
Vikki LovvollOtherI live in Lawrence township on the Pennington/Hopewell border and my children attended The Pennington School. I am a supporter of the watershed and oppose this building. Consider finding/renovating a historic building in need of repair or modernization instead and leave our natural resources untouched!!  Plenty of existing building in need to renovation would be a double bonus!!
Nicole guarinoOther
Paul DuffyOtherI don’t live in the area but I love to visit. It’s a beautiful area, and an unnecessary hotel will only take away from that. That’s not to mention all the environmental concerns of an industrial building project and increased traffic to the area.
Isabelle LovvollOther
Monica LaoHopewell Townshipstop hotel!
Peggy VurgasonOtherAs much as I would love to see Holly Stone become alive again, a hotel is not the answer. Fiddler’s Creek Rd is far too narrow and winding to accommodate the traffic a hotel would produce. It is an accident waiting to happen. I travel Fiddler’s Creek Rd daily, as my horses are boarded on Fiddler’s Creek Rd.
Neera kapoorHopewell Township
kathleen coffeyHopewell TownshipIt is so important to preserve our natural environment where our people and wildlife can coexist. Destroying habitat and the sacred historic space is against our roots. We need to find peace in our hometown area.
JOSEPH BRUCATOPennington or Hopewell BoroughWe don’t need any more traffic or the problem this will cause with are place’s of busness, i am totally on board to say we don’t need or want it.
Vera PschenycznyHopewell TownshipThe serene beauty and majestic panorama of this unique community is irreplaceable!  No way!  Never, I say!!!  The zoning board of Hopewell Twp. must consider the interest, love, investment and security of its residents first, before “caving in” to the changeable whims of the marketplace (and other pressures) !  If it’s not the Philadelphia developer, then it’ll be a New York “gold digger”, or a Chicago prospector–all salivating to reap a fortune in the building and operation of something this unique–at the undeniable EXPENSE of the unprotected, unarmed, property owners, supporters, and lovers of Washington Crossing State Park/Hopewell!  I thought this was a protected historic area originally, when I bought my home here, in 1992.  What happened?  We must fight to keep what is rightfully ours, in it’s preserved beauty and historic dignity!!!  If we do not fight, who will?  If not now, when?  I say, LET’S GO!
Marie VernaHopewell TownshipThe Zoning Board has one decision to make:  Should they grant this applicant who needs commercial zoning in order to be profitable?  The answer is clear–absolutely not.
Teresa NakraHopewell TownshipThis is a sensitive historical and ecological site that is worth preserving; it is likely that this development would damage the location. (For what it’s worth, the local school bus driver has said that it is extremely difficult to navigate Fiddler’s Creek Road in general, especially in winter weather. I have no doubt that increased commercial traffic would require significant adjustments to the road to ensure public safety.)
Phyllis WarrenOtherThis important and fragile ecosystem must be preserved.  The proposed development will destroy it, create additional problems, including, but going beyond the environmental damage. This short-sighted approach should be rejected.
Daniel AshtonOtherThe reasons are numerous: Environmental concerns, a precious recreational area, and financial outsiders with absolutely no concern for the locals and citizens of Mercer and Hunterdon counties. This area was/is already zoned residential for sensible farsighted reasons. Now a large potential tax revenue comes before the zoning board seeking a variance. What was once a prudent zoning decision may be trumped by the lure of a substantial tax base from outside money. The citizens of Fiddlers Creek Road were not expecting the zone variance when they purchased their homes. The road is not suited for the substantial increase in traffic and heavy construction equipment needed for this environmentally sensitive project. Does local government care more about money or the citizens that elected them into office?
Susan CarterOtherI don’t live in Hopewell but I do spend quite a lot of time there. This takes away what I love about Hopewell.
Jamie TanguayHopewell TownshipI grew as a resident of Fiddler’s Creek Road‚Ķmy childhood was spent exploring the woods and creek.  The natural beauty of this road should be retained and preserved‚ĶPlease protect the beauty of this area!
Diane DavisHopewell Township
Max SchmidtPennington or Hopewell Boroughstrongly oppose the approval of the application described above. It is not a permitted use in the Mountain Resource District and variances to allow it should not be granted. Save the manor! Hopewell has decided to turn the rural area I enjoy into the exact opposite, JUST SAY NO!!
Wendy YazujianHopewell TownshipPlease protect the tranquility and beauty of Hollystone and Fiddlers Creek Road by defeating this proposal.
Tim NayfieldHopewell TownshipOur family loves walking the peaceful trails and fields at Fiddlers Creek and Baldpate Mountain.  This is a beautiful oasis in our community and this area does not need this commercial endeavor.
Stacy PurcaroOtherI live just across the river in Washington Crossing.  This area is one of the few remaining places where we go to seek solitude and enjoy nature.  Please keep it this way.
Kimberly MajkowskiHopewell TownshipNot an appropriate location for such project!

No benefits for the community!
Patricia HanemanOtherPlease reconsider.  The scale is too too large.
David SpeisHopewell TownshipPlacing a commercial entity in the middle of a preserved are completely destroys the natural aspects of the area while dramatically increasing the amount of automobile traffic, unwanted noise and heavy truck presence on these lightly traveled roads.  

This building would be a great candidate for a nature center and a potential home for conservation oriented organizations.
Teri HoppeHopewell Township
Zach NicholsHopewell TownshipFucking stop. This is pathetic and will benefit absolutely no one except the owner and partners‚Ķ and no one needs to stay in a hotel in Mercer county‚Ķ there is absolutely no reason to travel here unless visiting someone in the hospital or meeting with big pharma. And we have hotels to accommodate them. Shit there’s a new border up on in downtown Trenton. This and the airport are fucking dumb. There is nothing here
Andrew NiedererHopewell Township
James YostHopewell TownshipaAzNo more development
Lori DanielOtherWe value the parks in and around Hunterdon County.    Altering Fiddlers Creek with this plan will change the environment park visitors now enjoy.
Elizabeth BerkowitzHopewell Township
William GreenHopewell Township
Charles ReedHopewell TownshipI was a resident/owner of 85 Fiddlers Creek Road until 2021.  The Reed family built the home in 1967 and remained there for 54 years. It would be an absolute travesty to ruin the rural nature of Fiddlers Creek Road by allowing commercialization of any kind. Hopewell township does not need to further encroach upon the dwindling, township countryside.
Natalia ProkopenkoHopewell TownshipHorrible idea. Instead of preserving wild life we are killing it and letting the richer people get richer!
Steven BishopHopewell Townshipplease stop ruining this beautiful rural township!
Wayne TennesonHopewell TownshipThis is definitely not the place for this !
Douglas McDowellOtherThis  proposed development is between two well used important park systems and would impact negatively on both.  We hike in both areas frequently.
Joan and Mark NiedererHopewell Township
Nora HoganOther
Anna TorpeyPennington or Hopewell Borough
Steve FaberHopewell TownshipThe area of Fiddlers Creek and Baldpate is a treasure to the entire community/region.  Please don’t sacrifice this for the benefit of a misplaced hotel.
Kaitlyn BieberOther
Sophie EberhardtPennington or Hopewell Borough
Danielle Di MeglioOther
Fairfax HutterHopewell TownshipThe deeper I dig into the plans, the worse this project looks, more like a country club than a small B&B sandwiched between two adjacent VIP nature preserves, Baldpate and Fiddlers Creek Preserves. 

These preserves are the jewels of the Mountain Resource Conservation district which prohibits commercial use in Hopewell Twp.’s most environmentally sensitive corner. Both preserves and Hollystone are within the Baldpate Mt. Important Bird Area. Research at the Fiddlers Creek Preserve Bird Banding station has been broadcast live, watched, and commented on across the world. 

‚Ä¢ 27-room hotel ‚Ä¢ 52 vehicles/hour peak traffic for hotel and restaurant alone ‚Ä¢ 15-20 staff in Phase I, 35-40 for Phase II ‚Ä¢ In addition to hotel guests, public “memberships” in a gym, spa, yoga studio, lawn courts, etc. are proposed to be sold. ‚Ä¢ 95-car one acre new parking lot ‚Ä¢ paving of all 3 access points with 2 new ones ‚Ä¢ 5,600 gallons of ground water/day when average NJ resident uses 70 gal/day per EPA on TOP of “Quarry Park”s planned heavy water withdrawals from north side of Baldpate on Rt. 29 including artificial waterfall and convention center.

Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate has multiple NJ endangered and threatened nesting bird species, endangered mammal records, threatened reptile and endangered plant species. Fiddlers Creek Preserve has multiple threatened bird species as well as many official NJ “species of concern.” Wildlife move back and forth between the two preserves already resulting in frequent road kill of listed species where the hotel plans a new main entrance. Fiddlers Creek is one of Hopewell’s worst road kill locations under normal low traffic volumes (see photos on WCAS website). Fiddlers Creek Preserve is home to a fragile, moisture-dependent plant never before observed in Mercer County and NJ’s most southerly occurrence. 

A “Speakeasy style” outdoor venue is proposed near edge of property alongside the preserve.  The 95 car parking lot will require clearing of woods and vegetation. Increased noise and light pollution in a “dark site” is also a major concern. Immediately across road from Hollystone 5 NJ Threatened reptiles were run over on the Baldpate driveway in just one month. Rare nesting birds documented to having abandoned territories, likely due to heavy human visitation in addition to habitat degradation and other stressors.

This supposedly “sustainable” operation would be unsustainable in such an already “stressed”. environmentally sensitive area that holds many of Mercer County’s only records. One can attempt to educate, but how will management enforce guests’ activities, especially in neighboring preserves where users already violate regulations? 

The granting of a variance would set a dangerous precedent for others seeking to develop within the MRC zone. It is most unfair to those who fought the MRC zoning on the north side of Baldpate.

Please see Washington Crossing Audubon’s page expressing serious concerns with info and photos:
Matt MailmanHopewell TownshipMy family strongly opposes this variance. It is not safe to walk on Fiddlers Creek Road as it is, which presents a real danger to hikers moving from the parking lot to the preserve. Two weeks ago someone hit my mailbox, and I am regularly dodging cars on anytime I’m near the road. It is simply not safe for anyone to allow this level of traffic to be added.
Lucy CottoOtherI loved visiting my friend in Hopewell because of the nature and environment it offered. I would hate to see yet another beautiful piece of land – home to special plants and animals – taken away and turned into commercial real estate.
Nicole RabinowitzHopewell Township
Jacqueline TeahlOther
Catie Vinch-BuckHopewell Township
Vaughan Grundy IIIHopewell TownshipMy family lived and farmed this property in the 1950-1960 period.    This is such a beautiful area, it deserves to be preserved as such.    As much as I support development and progress, that should be done in areas designated and zoned accordingly.    A hotel with all the facilities will certainly degrade the area.   

Please do not allow this to happen!!!
Brian CookPennington or Hopewell Borough
Barbara KayitmazHopewell Township
Stephen HorvathHopewell Township
Leon PulsinelleHopewell TownshipThis area is a precious nature resource and must be preserved as such. We need to draw a line here. To develop this land is a step towards global warming, an obvious step in the wrong direction. This is a stunningly bad idea. As the clock ticks closer and closer to irreversible global climate change the fight should be getting easier. But even as scientific consensus grows, the fight for preservation gets harder. This shouldn’t be.
Bryce RobertsHopewell TownshipThe proposed use of this property, in a residential are directly adjacent to a public recreational area, is out of the question! There is far, far too much development currently happening in our precious township already!
Katherine LinnehanPennington or Hopewell Borough
Nancy CaneHopewell Township
Sandra CristoforiHopewell TownshipI see very few comments on traffic impact, and there will will be traffic impact.  Route 29 can’t be widened as we have the canal on one side and the hill on the other. There are the same sort of issues on Fiddler’s Creek. Think about that!!
Sharon Stoneback StonebackOtherPlease preserve the history and open space here!
Sheree McGarryOtherI love this beautiful area. I hike and bring my Grandchildren all the time.
Kyle DevlinHopewell TownshipOne of the main reasons residents of Hopewell Twp value living here is the lack of development and access to undisturbed nature. Leave it that way! Hopewell is Hopewell, NOT Ewing, Lambertville, or New Hope.
Kelly McGarryHopewell TownshipI am an avid hiker around this area along with my family and am signing this petition to preserve the land for generations to come.
Melissa VinchOther
Patrick McGarryHopewell Township
Christopher CullOther
Joseph BonacciHopewell TownshipBaldpate has always been a preserved space, as a life-long resident of Titusville I do not agree with a large and disruptive construction process nor the traffic that it will create.
Rosemarie ShiversHopewell Township
Donna Marie ZalisHopewell Township
Francis McGarryHopewell TownshipI moved here with my growing family to enjoy all the nature and wildlife that Hopewell township offers to the community. Turning Holly Stone into a hotel will directly change the surrounding environment in a negative way. I also have young children and putting up a hotel will only bring more traffic and tourists that will not abide by the speed limit on Fiddlers Creek road making it more dangerous for my family to enjoy the nature and wildlife we moved her to enjoy.
Suzanne HendersonHopewell TownshipPlease preserve the natural beauty of our township and do not build this hotel.. a great mistake in my eyes
Melissa CampoHopewell Township
Terri RiendeauOtherAs a regular birder near this site, I am sick at the thought of what a commercial enterprise on that site would do to the ecological balance in the surrounding area, not to mention that the road cannot handle the traffic this would create.
Melissa RoseHopewell Township
Jon EdwardsHopewell TownshipSuch intensive development was never contemplated when the Mountain Conservation District was established.  Nothing has changed that would justify such development.
Santosh VarugheseHopewell TownshipProtect the land and house. We don’t need anymore hotels.
Beth ScheuerleinHopewell Township
Christoph SpathOtherLiving just a few miles from the proposed site I am very concerned about the ecological impact of this development project.
Rory MahonPennington or Hopewell BoroughPreserving Nature is paramount. We’ve gotten along without these Hotel Amenities all this time, and we are fine.
Mary CapronHopewell TownshipOne of the lovely aspects of life in Titusville is its relative lack of development. The peace and quiet we find here is all too rare in modern life. An “upscale hotel, with restaurant, gym, and pool” would bring much more along with it: added traffic, new roads and who knows what else?  It is important to protect the natural gifts we have here that can be enjoyed by all.
A WilkinsonHopewell Township
Debbie FishHopewell Township
Sherrill DucharmeOtherBald Pate Mountain and the surrounding area is an important open space in the area. Please do not approve this development.
Kimberly HicksHopewell TownshipNo need for it. Enough building being done in the twp.
P.C. KeithHopewell Township
C Peter StaatsHopewell TownshipPreserve the historic value of the area.  Don’t approve hotel just to get a ratable and more tax money which already gets wasted way too much.  Hasn’t this land been preserved now you want to change it to commercial purposes? Does that make sense at all.
Catherine PikeHopewell TownshipCommercial hotel complex should not be permitted adjacent to preserved and precious wildlife habitat.
adelaide kuhnPennington or Hopewell BoroughWe have zoning for a reason.  Baldpate Mountain and it’s surrounding area are habitat to countless species of wildlife and plant life.  As an avid birder I walk the grounds frequently and shudder to think about the impact a hotel would have on the property.  The traffic, the waste water, the noise, would all disrupt the fragile ecosystem.    I strongly urge you to reject this zoning change.
Sandra RadiceHopewell TownshipJust moved here because of the natural beauty and quiet ‚Ķ. Please don’t disrupt this land.
Suzanne DimonteHopewell Township
Michael VesterOtherGrowing up on pleasant valley road this beautiful piece of history deserves to be preserved and not commercialized. Plus fiddlers creek is not designed to take commercial traffic.
Richard EvansOtherThis is an absurd proposal. Who will stay there? It will end up being a white elephant and a blight on the neighborhood.
Ray SziberHopewell Township
James BurdHopewell TownshipKeep Hopewell Township the way it has always been: agricultural. The Township Committee changed the zoning on Nursery Road from farming to affordable and market value units. If people want to change Hopewell Township they should move somewhere else!
Sam FabianHopewell Township
S. Rose SymonsHopewell TownshipAs a frequent local hiker and nature lover, I strongly urge you to reject this idea and preserve our wildlife habitat in this sensitive area.
Deborah RiccoHopewell TownshipThere is enough construction going on. Stop destroying the beauty that is Hopewell Township. We don’t need a hotel, there are already several in the area. Enough is enough.
Katie OrlandoHopewell Township
John AbbottPennington or Hopewell BoroughWe must reserve our historic past!
Melissa CavalierPennington or Hopewell Borough
Roberto SepulvedaHopewell TownshipAs a new resident to this nature abound area, I assertively oppose the ATTACK ON NATURE and HOLLYSTONE MANOR. 

No to boutique hotels and No to increased traffic and air pollution.
Samuel ManfrediHopewell TownshipI strongly oppose developing this area and disrupting our wildlife habitat and environment. Please deny the variance.
Kristyna OrlandoHopewell TownshipA request for a variance should be DENIED. 

Protect our open spaces and our environment. 

There is no public benefit for this hotel.
Mark OrlandoHopewell TownshipPlease do not allow a hotel to be built in this residential area.  This area should be environmentally protected, especially as it’s in the middle of the Baldplate Mountain Important Bird Area. The project is too expansive for such an area and pollution and traffic are also concerns.
Parita PatelHopewell TownshipI strongly oppose the approval of the application described above. 

Traffic: the traffic impact analysis discusses a future expansion- ultimate site development is 97 spaces. The proposed development does not preserve the safety and health of the community. The applicant has not considered the impact to surrounding roads and infrastructure due to an increase in traffic volume and intense use. 

Environmental: the intense use of this property will have adverse environmental effects and decrease the ecological integrity in the area due to increased lighting, sound, and increased traffic.
Janet FergusonOtherI used to live in this area and there is no need for a large commercial hotel. It would be so out of place and disrupt the entire ecological system!
Jennifer HirshHopewell TownshipI am concerned about the detrimental environmental impact of this project. This property, which is zoned for residential use, is adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas. There is no need to grant a variance for commercial use to out of state developers. Their financial gain is our quality-of-life loss.
Michael PresselHopewell TownshipZoning districts are established with specific rules to meet desired objectives i.e.  environmental, economic, personal safety, habitability, etc.  These considerations are carefully thought out when zoning districts are established.  

Zoning variances should only be considered if a project can create a “greater good” for the community with the assurance there will be no deleterious effects on the environment and citizenry – basically they should not impinge the basic tenets that were desired when the zoning district was originally established.  

Since this project is unwanted by the community, will not provide substantial benefit to the community, and cannot be achieved without adverse environmental effects, there is no basis on which to approve a variance application and it should therefore should be denied.
Gina DePhillipsHopewell Township
Richard LaneOther
Faith PaulHopewell TownshipI worked for the New Jersey Department of Agriculture and the Manor was a heavily surveyed biological area for us. It’s a beautiful space that should be protected rather than developed.
James HakeOtherI strongly urge you to leave this property, this land protected!!! Wildlife, including endangered ones, rare plants, our water, and air would be adversely affected. Protect the legislation already there to keep this space safe from development!!!
Janet PresselHopewell TownshipThere are plenty of commercially zoned areas within Hopewell. There is no need to convert a residentially zoned property for this purpose – especially one in an environmentally sensitive area.
Beth Anne StuebePennington or Hopewell BoroughAs an avid, local hiker, I know that the area is beyond sensitive in terms of flora and fauna; allowing this hotel to be built, would be an abject failure to protect the surrounding areas.
Theresa LawtonHopewell TownshipThe rezoning has to stop and we need to protect the environment. This request is certainly not what is best for this area.
Patricia FreelandHopewell TownshipThe applicant cannot meet any of the requirements for a use variance and the request for a variance should be denied. 

The proposed uses are incompatible with the well thought out purposes of the MRC (Mountain Resource Conservation) zoning designation for the property at issue and would fly in the face of the intent of the Ordinance.

The property can and should be used only for the residential uses permitted in MRC areas, and no valid reasons can be shown to justify straying from that requirement here. 

The project would result in minimal beneficial effects for the public good – – rather, only for the developer. Further, whatever negligible public benefits might be shown are far outweighed by the numerous detrimental effects that would result from a grant of the variance. 

Hopewell Township has been a leader in the preservation of open space and protection of the ecology and should continue to do so by safeguarding the Township’s precious assets at risk here, and supporting the public good, in the context of this zoning case
Brian HershHopewell Township
Mary WoggonOther
Joanne Wynne HoffmannHopewell TownshipAn emphatic NO to a hotel and development of property in this area.
Jen ReHopewell TownshipOur little town is being built up so much, it’s not meant for all this traffic. We live in a rural town stop making it more than that. If you want the city life go find it, don’t bring it here! Think about what you are doing to the wildlife. There are so many dead animals on the side of the road because us humans taking away their homes. Fiddlers Creek rd isn’t meant to have that Kind of traffic. It’s not the right location for a hotel. Baldpate Mountain is a beautiful historical little spot in our town, let’s not take the Beaty away with an outrageous hotel.
Justin JacksonHopewell TownshipEnough with the over development of Hopewell township. Preserve our landmarks and land.
Julie RoachHopewell TownshipMy husband and I moved to this area 5 yrs ago and frequently hiked the area. We now have 2 little girls we hope will be on those same trails with us for years to come.
Katelyn StevensHopewell Township
Linda BaltoHopewell Township
Kim RobinsonHopewell TownshipWe endanger enough flora and fauna by construction projects in this township, and we are seeing the mounting detrimental effects every year.  Endangering this protected area would be stupid and possibly disastrous.   Don’t do it.
Jacques SaisselinHopewell Township
Jennifer BelmontHopewell TownshipI do not agree with changing the zoning of this property to allow for a hotel. The infrastructure simply cannot handle it. 

In addition to the other comments of concerns in the areas of traffic, road structures, well water, and septic systems,   there is the concern of noise pollution during events the hotel plans to host. Fiddlers Creek Road is a quiet residential road. I currently live half a mile from the Hopewell Valley Vineyard and can make out the lyrics of songs they’re playing on an evening when they have an outdoor event. In addition to all of the other concerns, I think this should be a consideration for the residents who are used to the quiet country living they sought out.
Jesn BoylrPennington or Hopewell BoroughPlease stop the development of this area , we need more officials just say NO! No more excuses , need to keep this area residential and rural
Victoria KafkaHopewell Township
Jason BelmontHopewell TownshipI strongly oppose the approval of this application. The infrastructure (road, water, septic) can not handle the proposed application. This area already has the county park almost adjacent to the property. The Township and County have done a fabulous job creating one of the most beautiful open space areas left in the county.
Cheryl EdwardsHopewell TownshipLong time warrior against over development and protector of our local water and sensitive environmental areas.
Katharine WoodheadHopewell Township
Georgiana VerganelakisHopewell Township
Stephanie ScottHopewell Township
Phyllis EchternachtHopewell TownshipWe are being squeezed by developers.  We don’t need any more.
Elysia PriceHopewell Township
Tara PopikHopewell TownshipOpen space with limited pollution (noise, light, people, etc) is so important for this community. Changing its character like this will force longtime residents away for good.
Todd WeyhrichPennington or Hopewell BoroughNot an appropriate location for such project!

No benefits for the community!
Martin McCardellHopewell TownshipThe ENTIRE reason for purchasing a home in Titusville was to reconnect with the outdoors and enjoy the pristine open space away from the noise, traffic, constant hustle of everything all the time in the urban experience and live alongside a community that feels much the same way. No one moves to HT for the awesome shopping or resort facilities. Thank god.

With the exception of the development debacles currently underway on scotch road at wash x-pngtn rd, and further down the road just short of the circle, HT is doing a pretty good job keeping the wolves at bey. Don’t screw it up now!

I’d certainly want my property taxes reduced greatly as the value of my neighborhood is likely to decrease should it become a less desirable commercial zone.

It’s just a bad idea driven by greed in spite of all common sense.

What’s next? Howabout a Starbucks atop Baldpate Mtn?

Or a Lowe’s/Best Buy/Pep Boys complex in Harbourton?
Tim LoeschOtherI live in nearby West Amwell Township but frequent Baldpate Mountain often.  It would be a disgrace to look out from the trails and see a hotel taking away from a beautiful landscape.  This must be stopped!
Molly MartinHopewell Township
Jodi WeyhrichHopewell Township
Stacey KlyOtherI am an avid hiker and love that area,  one of the few left that benefits from the surrounding wilderness. Please leave it
Kris HallingerHopewell Township
Devon HodgeOtherKeep Fiddler’s Creek Rd residential and rural!
Michelle DomboskiHopewell TownshipNot an appropriate location for such project!

No benefits for the community!
Mary Louise DahmsOtherI was a 26-year resident of Titusville from 1989-2016. I would hate to see the beautiful and pristine hiking area on Baldpate turned into a hotel. This is a residential community and we are fast losing our open spaces.
Mark GoiteinHopewell TownshipPave paradise and put up a parking lot.
Sherry GallagherOtherHotel use and the traffic, noise, and light it will generate is incompatible with the surrounding residential neighborhood and nature preserves.  Fiddlers Creek Road is a quiet county road that hikers use to connect to trails throughout the Ted Stiles Preserve, Fiddlers Creek Preserve and Washington Crossing State Park.  Hikers beware, you may become roadkill.
kathleen dooleyOther
Madeleine CozineHopewell TownshipThis historic property sits in the middle of an ecologically significant preserve and should not be turned into a wedding center which is what it appears the developer wants to do.  This will bring a large volume of traffic on weekends into an area that is not capable of handling the traffic.  It is also adjacent to preserved areas that are habitat for many endangered species and that are used by the community for recreational purposes such as hiking and bird watching.
Dan HanleyHopewell Township
George BesantHopewell Township
Lori MaffeiPennington or Hopewell Borough
Robin BoyleOtherWe need to preserve this beautiful land, we do not need to ruin it, keep it as it is…Preservation!
Nancy BesantHopewell Township
Jackie LuthmanHopewell TownshipHaving grown up on Fiddlers Creek Rd this will have an impact to all who live in this residential area.  FCR is a narrow, windy and lightly traveled road which can already have issues with two-way traffic in certain spots.  With no sidewalks and a deep ditch on either side increased traffic will make it more difficult for residents to be able to walk safely.
Mark KavanaughHopewell Township
Cathy KavanaughHopewell TownshipHopewell Township politicians have to stop bending over backwards for developers! The rezoning has to stop. The HT Master Plan and zoning laws were put in place to protect our environment. This rezoning/hotel certainly would NOT have been the wish of the former owner, Ms. Saladino, who sold to Mercer County to be part of a nature preserve and protect the wildlife and environment.

The rezoning that happened in the southern tier and at the circle are devastating enough. Keep the existing zoning laws in place and please respect the HT Master Plan. Our Mayor is an environmental attorney and she should certainly understand why this re-zoning should never be allowed to happen.
Patricia BuglinoHopewell TownshipThere has been too much development allowed in Hopewell Township.
Carla McManimonHopewell Township
Rev. Kim WildszewskiHopewell TownshipSpeaking as a faith leader in Titusville, as well as a community member, it is essential that we protect this land and its inhabitants. Doing otherwise would be choosing capital gain and consumption, over stewardship and care.
Adriana CerbinOtherI work in Hopewell Township and sometimes use Fiddlers Creek during my drive to and from work. It’s a bit shorter when I take it, but I try to avoid driving on that road because of how rich in fauna it is. This is definitely an environmentally-sensitive area with large numbers of native species that use the road area just as often as we do. An increase in traffic would change that richness and the worst part is, not many would notice until the impact was great. Population decreases are not detectable overnight and take years to become noticeable. Let us not let this happen to this very protected area of our county.
John SquicciarinoHopewell TownshipProtect open space in hopewell. Please I don’t want to see this place go to crap.
Janet WatsonHopewell Township
Kerryn BrandtOtherI live across the river in Bucks County but have spent many hours visiting friends near Holly Stone and hiking on Bald Pate and the Stiles preserve. The area is a treasure. I can’t imagine putting a busy commercial operation on Fiddlers Creek Road. It makes no sense and just doesn’t belong there. Tell the developer NO!
Geralyn KoblisPennington or Hopewell BoroughThis poses a threat to the environment.  this is not a suitable location for any kind of commercial use.  I strongly oppose approval for viariance -it should not be granted.
Nick VernaOther
Laura BrandtOtherI oppose turning the Manor into a commercial enterprise/hotel for ecological reasons.
Brian KellyOtherNeed to leave the nature preserve as it is,  please!  Too much beauty in the area
Deborah SielingHopewell Township
John SielingHopewell Township
Kevin CaseyOther
Albert TeixeiraPennington or Hopewell Borough
Bill Van ZandtHopewell TownshipThis is not an appropriate location for large scale commercial development. It is next to two environmentally sensitive parks which are gems of Mercer County (Baldpate and Fiddler’s creek preserves), and near entrances to the D&R canal and towpath. This is a unique part of New Jersey that should be zoned for private residences, passive recreation, open space and historic preservation uses.
Erin BrunoOther
Brian and Jenifer GundryHopewell Township
Greg Cornell-CaseyOther
Mary Ellen DevlinOther
Maeve Pinto SinghHopewell TownshipThe Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space have worked really hard to preserve the land in this area where the ecosystem is valuable. A commercial enterprise would undo much of that work.
Donna BrownOtherStop!     Do not build on this historic property
Gloria NamiHopewell TownshipI strongly oppose the approval of the application described above. It is not a permitted use in the Mountain Resource District and variances to allow it should not be granted.
Carl NamiHopewell TownshipI strongly oppose the approval of the application described above. It is not a permitted use in the Mountain Resource District and variances to allow it should not be granted.
Colleen CaseyHopewell Township
Alan HaleyOther
Randall MarsolaOther
Andrea BykowskiOtherThe proposed development of this property will be a blight on a lovely and serene environment.
Colin MontgomeryHopewell TownshipNo hotel/commercial enterprise
alyssa marchesiHopewell Township
Regina DilorenzoOtherIt is too beautiful a site. Leave it alone
Rob VernaOther
Garrett LinderHopewell Township
Alice FairOther
Franta BroulikOtherWith Baldpate Mountain/Ted Stiles Preserve on one side and Fiddlers Creek Preserve (both Important Bird Areas and critical habitat for threatened and at-risk species) on the other side of Hollystone, adding development and traffic and heavy human activity and noise and lights is an environmental travesty. I lead bird walks there and witness the species diversity concentrated in this special area.
Joan McDevittOther
Laura FisherOther
Dan VernaOther
Elaine VernaOtherMy family lived in Titusville on Nedsland until 2014.   When I heard of this proposal I had to write to say please don’t allow it to happen.  None of the area roads can handle  the traffic.  I can’t imagine how anyone familiar with the area could even consider such negligence to their local residents and constituents as well as othrs who happen to be in the  area
Ray VernaOther
Kris BeanHopewell Township
Ann PortasOther
Jennifer HoupOther
Lorrie TopolinOtherThere are other places better suited to such a planned endeavor!
Susan MagidsonOtherI am entirely opposed to a proposal to develop this fragile ecosystem.
James VickersHopewell TownshipThis beautiful, historic, ecologically sensitive environment must be protected.
Chetan ShahHopewell Township
Anne MooreOtherThis area is not suited for a commercial enterprise of this magnitude.
Linda KinseyHopewell Township
Selin AtayHopewell TownshipI am EXTREMELY against any commercialization of the Mountain Resource District. Reject this application! It goes against the existing zoning as it is and to allow this hotel to be built will severely damage the area in many ways.

We can’t afford to compromise our delicate ecosystems more than they already have been and can’t afford to let cargo trucks through narrow roads not meant for them. The cost and new traffic volume would be a heavy burden on the district and surrounding neighbors and would provide no actual benefit to the area. It would also ultimately drive down the value of the area’s existing properties. People go there for the natural environment and the historical presence. The only right choice here is to deny this application entirely.
Consuelo MastrosimoneHopewell TownshipHotel on quiet, peaceful, historic, rural road? Totally unacceptable!
Ben PirogOtherDon’t build that shit
Allegra MastrosimonePennington or Hopewell Borough
Susan CrossleyPennington or Hopewell BoroughThis development would benefit nobody but the property owner. If local government approves it, they must be getting paid off.
Kim CirilloOther
Jeanine WalshHopewell TownshipI do not want this hotel built here!
Clifford ReisserHopewell TownshipNO WAY!!! This project makes no sense. The traffic and environmental impact alone should be enough to reject it. Let alone the water and septic required. I hike Baldpate and Fiddlers Creek reserve regularly and would hate to see the impact this would have.
Becky PopikOtherThe area should remain as it is, a beautiful rural space. The hotel would negatively impact the area residents as well as the fragile ecosystem. I really enjoy hiking at Baldpate Mountain and would be heartbroken to see that area damaged or destroyed!
Debbie CassidyOther
Robert PlattenHopewell Township
Janet EickhoffOtherPlease do not change the historic and beautiful nature of this property/township. The infrastructure does not support a hotel!
Ann DonnoloHopewell TownshipI hike weekly at Bald Pate Mountain and find the road very narrow and can’t imagine that it would last long with regular heavy traffic.  I moved to this area because of the wild nature and would hate to see it trampled, let alone what it would do to residents of the area and their fragile ecosystem.
Victoria RoseHopewell TownshipEnough is enough. Soon there will be no open space left for nature. GREED!
George ColnaghiOther
Steve slobodrianOtherStop the crazy building go to the shopping center and turn the empty stores into living quarters
Patti FordOtherI grew up in hopewell township, my father still resides in hopewell township. I remember when the township was a rural town with many farms and open space, now you see nothing but housing developments and buildings. What happened?
Karl NiedererOtherHollystone is a historical and architecture treasure, the surviving homestead for the founding family of the Titusville community.  As such it has long been deemed potentially eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places (see Hopewell: A Historical Geography, p. 240).  Preserving the historic integrity of the Titus homestead and surrounding property alone deserves the utmost consideration in any zoning decision. What the Trent House represents to Trenton, Hollystone represents to Titusville.

Of course, the negative consequences of establishing commercial zoning at the intersection of NJ Route 29 and Fiddlers Creek Road for the developer’s stated purpose will extend far beyond compromising the historic and architectural integrity of the Hollystone property.  It will necessarily require major changes to the NJ29/FCR intersection (road widening, turning lanes, traffic light), widening of the bucolic and now only lightly traveled Fiddlers Creek Road, adversely impact the setting of existing residential properties on the north side of the road and the entrance to the Baldpate Mountain-Ted Stiles Preserve, itself a natural and historic treasure of Hopewell Township.

Development of Hollystone as proposed will unleash a serious negative environmental impact.  Building expansion, new construction, additional internal drives, parking areas, and other impervious surfaces will require installation of a commercial-scale septic system and network of large detention basins for runoff that are bound to encroach on the fragile, highly sensitive ecosystem to the area south and east of Hollystone.  Consideration of converting this property’s zoning to commercial use cannot even begin without first thoroughly investigating and documenting these environmental impacts.  

This project and zoning change are not in the public interest.

Hollystone & hotel:  most emphatically NOT perfect together.
Holly SmithOther
Cheryl McGinnisHopewell TownshipAbsolutely against this bad idea
Michelle WinwardOtherPlease stop ruining our history!
Christopher MussellOtherPlease don’t allow the negative environmental impact from this development. There is already significant construction in both Hopewell and neighboring Ewing. I ask that you vote to exercise some control.  Thanks. Chris
Pamela RussoHopewell TownshipConversion of this private dwelling to a hotel will lead –   during construction, and then after opening, –  to a great increase in traffic and heavy vehicles on a road which is not made for this.    It will end in decreasing the preserved forest land of Baldpate Mountain, and diminish the pleasure people take in walking those paths.    The township has a commitment to preserving historic buildings and to nurturing open fields and forests, and should adhere to those mandates.
Suzanne MerrillOtherI strongly oppose the approval of the application described above. It is not a permitted use in the Mountain Resource District and variances to allow it should not be granted.
Joan FosterOther
Marianne TrautmanOther
Joe BabiaszOther
Louise PontaniHopewell TownshipThere are plenty of hotels on Scotch Rd.  This is a residential area, leave it as it is!!!
Kari LloydPennington or Hopewell BoroughThis would be harmful to the environment.  Do not do this!
Judy JuddOther
Adam GarlingerHopewell TownshipNo way on this development, this will destroy our neighborhood.
Mark PhillipsPennington or Hopewell Borough
Joann PloofbullOtherIt’s RURAL!

Leave it RURAL!!!!!!!!


Time to watch the LORAX again!!!!!!!
Christine RuhlHopewell TownshipWe need to stop the overdevelopment of Hopewell township.
PATRICK SHEEHANHopewell TownshipAfter seeing the result of poor management in Marshall’s Corner in the past,  this new situation has a very bad feeling about the new project in Hopewell.
Jeffrey KnollHopewell Township
Lani MontgomeryHopewell TownshipThis is a quiet residential area on a winding country road surrounded by protected land. A Hotel/wedding venue/community pool and gym would add more traffic and noise and has no place on our street.  We are also concerned as to what impact such a complex would have on our environment.  This neighborhood does not have sewers but rather septic systems and well water.  The proposal of increasing the parking from 27 spots to 95 spots indicates that this proposed hotel is expecting over 200 people to be in attendance at a particular function.  This neighborhood is not a place for this hotel!!!!
Christine VisseringHopewell Township
Patricia BrundageHopewell TownshipIn addition to disrupting the quietness and quaintness of this area, the biodiversity of the area already protected will impacted. I am not in favor of any commercial project in this location.
Tatiana StaloffPennington or Hopewell Borough
Cathy GreenHopewell Township
Adrianne DaPonteHopewell TownshipTo add development of this scale in the midst of a fragile ecological environment is highly problematic. Hopewell Township is already pursuing a number of significant commercial developments that will enhance the tax base. As other commenters have noted, hotel and restaurant facilities like this belong near the Scotch Road development, not on a tiny rural road. What made purchasers think they’d be able to develop the property this way? Why weren’t township residents informed sooner about the process?
Debra DempseyHopewell TownshipIt is so hard to change any zoning in our township.  It would be criminal to allow this on a residential-zoned rural road in Hopewell township.
Alan HersheyPennington or Hopewell BoroughA hotel on Fiddler’s Creek Road would increase traffic on a narrow winding road, including visitors unfamiliar with its quirks– so I see increased risk of traffic mishaps. “Gentrifying” the Fiddler’s Creek valley would detract from the rural character that the Township, the County, and local non-profits have worked so far to preserve.
Daniel PacePennington or Hopewell BoroughI have long striven to be a protector of the wonderful and beautiful Hopewell Valley. While at face-value, many believe that a boutique hotel would be as asset to the Valley. I differ for many environmental and land-use issues. In its wisdom, the Township did not zone this property for such a use and in its wisdom, has done much to aid in protecting and preserving the immediate surroundings that this hotel would adversely impact. The application before the Zoning Board is for a Use Variance. I encourage the Board to give much thought to the negative effect this type of variance would have on the public good that the Township has done so much to preserve.
Lillie RukensteinHopewell Township
Adam BarringerHopewell TownshipHotels in this area would cause many issues for the locals.  The need for a hotel in this area is low and unwanted by many in the area.  Not to mention the destruction of historical sights that would be committed if plans would go through.
Sandra FinaletHopewell Township
Olimpia WegnerHopewell TownshipThis is a rural area and should remain as such for the ones who made a conscious choice to live here and enjoy the nature and history of this place. Please allow us to remain here as we found it,  quiet peace of earth. Build your empires where it belongs, so many other places calling for such attention. Let’s all fight for our Home, do not allow the floodgates to open for others’ ideas to continue with intrusions.
Scott KolbPennington or Hopewell Borough
Thomas CetkowskiHopewell TownshipAlthough I support a project of this exact type, The Hollystone Manor is A TERRIBLE location for it. Zoning laws exist in this country for this very reason. This project should be closer to Rt. 31 or the hospital on Scotch Rd. Where the existing roads and traffic patterns already support it. With that many rooms, where she’s the waste water go? It travels through shale fissures into the canal and our drinking water.
Jen FrascellaHopewell TownshipBuilding such a public place in a quiet, state park neighborhood is unacceptable.
Jaroslaw WegnerHopewell TownshipI have purchased my rural property to get away, don’t want to see some developer ruin our area
Leah PrayHopewell Township
Ian BezarHopewell Township
Andrea BezarHopewell TownshipI cannot think of one redeeming feature to this proposal.  This is not meant to enhance the life of anyone in Hopewell or Mercer County. This can only harm the wildlife and plant preservation of this beautiful area.  What is the purpose of preserved green space if a variance like this is allowed?
Dana BezarHopewell TownshipNO TO THE HOTEL! This is a terrible idea/proposal! I don’t know what in the world the township and the buyer are thinking!  This road is very narrow and is NOT made for that amount of traffic, or big/heavy trucks.  It’s not even paved! It’s just oil and stone! Even in bad weather such as snow, it’s very hard to make these turns! The people moved/built homes here to live in a quiet area and to enjoy the wildlife such as the deer and birds not to hear noise, traffic going up and down the road.
Jonathan ConardOtherJust a bad idea.  It’s a beautiful home in a beautiful part of your counties ecosystem. Look at what you guys did to baldplate 

Keith WatsonHopewell TownshipI’m against the development for the same reasons Trap Rock was not permitted to change the zoning of Kuser mountain – this is a residential area and should remain one. I’m also concerned that this project got as far as it did either with Hopewell Township not being made aware of it, or Hopewell Township not informing the citizens about it.  Either way, something is wrong here.
Michael HicksHopewell Township
Fran BartlettHopewell Township
Heidi KahmeHopewell Township
Dawn Cargiulo BermanHopewell Township
Amy BasarabPennington or Hopewell BoroughI am saddened about this and how much Hopewell township is being built up by developers. We need to be preserving this historic land and building.
Amie RukensteinHopewell TownshipIt is not fair to grant variances in this case when multi-generational Pleasant Valley farm families are not allowed to subdivide their properties due to the environmental sensitivity of the Mountain Resource Conservation District.
Eric GreenHopewell TownshipSave The Manor!  

Don’t let this Hotel Happen!
Annette EarlingHopewell TownshipI generally support development and would LOVE many of the amenities this property proposes. However I am absolutely opposed to it’s construction in this protected area. It is unfair to the people who live and work nearby, and who take such care of our green and historic places. A much smaller project would be fine, but something of this size is not right.
Debra HodgeHopewell TownshipWe want to keep Hopewell Township preserved with zoning remaining as is supporting  nattrural wildlife habitats and residential communities, NOT changed to a commercial  metropolis!
Tracey EmreyHopewell TownshipThis proposal is completely out of context for this beautiful historical site and sensitive wildlife corridor.  The buildings need preservation and the name HollyStone should remain.  The new owners didn’t even spell the name of the estate properly and listed it as Holystone on the application.  The entire idea behind “The Hopewell” is about capitalism, not historic preservation or open space preservation.  97 parking spaces is not sustainable in any way, and, the lot is residential not commercial.  The plan as shown would completely destroy the rural character of Fiddlers Creek road and Baldpate Mt preserve.  If they want a boutique hotel/bar/restaurant they should consider being within one of the nearby towns with commerical zoning.
Craig ReedHopewell TownshipQuestion;

Understanding that this was a restricted/residential property, wouldn’t a developer be mandated to pay ‚ÄúX‚Äù years of back taxes to convert it to commercial use (ie like converting farmland)?
Michael KosloskiHopewell TownshipPlease add me to the e-list and let me know how I can help.  Thank you
William TaylorHopewell Township
Colleen CassidyHopewell Township
Carol MastrosimoneHopewell TownshipThis quiet, rural road is not always easy to navigate from either Church Road or Rt. 29. Landscape trucks, almost-daily delivery trucks, and lots of cut-through traffic have had a major change on this road in the past several years. The massive hotel complex will bring uncontrollable vehicular traffic to this complex, let alone, the daily vans & trucks delivering food and supplies to the restaurant, to the gym, to the gift shop, to the hotel, for grounds maintenance, for catering parties & weddings, etc. IN SHORT, WE DON’T WANT IT…. AND….. WE DO NOT NEED IT. JOIN US. CALL TO GET A SIGN POSTED IN YOUR YARD AND GET ON THE ZOOM CALL ON 12/7 TO SUPPORT YOUR NEIGHBORS AND TO KEEP THE INTEGRITY OF OUR FRAGILE ENVIRONMENT.
John MastrosimoneHopewell TownshipFor all residents of Hopewell, who care about future peace and tranquility of our town, please JOIN THIS MOVEMENT to stop the intrusion of a major commercial development project into one of the evironmentally fragile areas in the Delaware Valley. We residents, and not an out-of-state developer, can decide if we want a hotel, full-service restaurant, gym, yoga studio, pool & patio with outdoor dining, weddings & parties, in this protected, residential neighborhood. TOGETHER, WE NEED TO LET OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS KNOW HOW WE STAND ON THIS PROJECT.